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Welcome to the Young & Rich resource section, a selection of tools which I strongly recommend for enhancing and monetizing your business. That being said, if you are committed to making a full-time income through blogging, you should first invest in a self-hosted blog.

Rest assured, I have either tested or received professional feedback for every recommendation on this page. As a newly established blogger, these resources have played an integral part in helping me kickstart my business.

I would like to be fully transparent and stay true to a disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small percentage of the sale. This comes at no additional cost to you – instead, some of these products will come with my partnered discount. I recommend these products because they are useful and beneficial for the long-run. If you don’t have a real need for these products, please do not spend money on them unless they will help you achieve your goals.

For future reference, don’t hesitate to bookmark this page.

Why HostGator?

All my websites are hosted on HostGator. The reason is simple. They make it convenient for beginners to start a website and get it up and running in no time. With their 1-click WordPress install, building a website never got easier!

To add to that, HostGator is extremely affordable. With plans starting at just under $4/month, this it’s a no-brainer. With domain and hosting, my total came to around $85.00. In comparison, with competitors like Bluehost, you’ll be paying over $100. Also, HostGator provides 24/7 customer service which is fantastic for night owls like me.

I strongly recommend using HostGator for all your hosting needs, and you can get started right now with a sweet 20% discount exclusively for Young & Rich readers!

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Why ConvertKit?

If building a strong subscriber base is part of your business model, then I highly recommend ConvertKit. It is my number one recommendation for email list management. You will see an instant growth of subscribers – correlating to an increased revenue flow.

ConvertKit is user-friendly and is great for setting up autoresponders. I use it to categorize my email lists so that each subscriber receives content which is relevant to their needs. It’s simply email marketing at its best.

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Why Elegant Themes?

As the name stands, there’s only one word to describe this theme, Elegant. I use the Elegant Themes for all of my websites. With its newest addition of Divi builder, you can literally drag and drop content right in front of your eyes. The layouts of this theme are simply beautiful. Once you purchase the theme, you can use any of their child themes without any additional cost. I personally use the Divi & Extra themes for all my blogs.

This theme is undoubtedly the best in the marketplace. With tons of fonts, colors, layout options, and numerous other features, this is the theme to go with. Best of all – no coding knowledge required! Like I mentioned earlier, it’s literally just drag, drop, and create as shown below. In case you purchased this theme and don’t like it for any reason, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee – so joining is risk-free!

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  1. Brittany

    Starting a blog with the right host and right resources is absolutely the most important step. Great list!

    • Young N' Rich

      Thanks Brittany!

      That’s so accurate – starting out with the right resources is so crucial. A lot of people wait till it’s the ‘right time’ and essentially lose out traffic which they could’ve tripled by investing in the right resources.

      One thing I learned about blogging is that if you make smart investments for the right products, you will get double the return on investment in a month’s worth of time (or even less)!

  2. Jillian

    Such great gems of gold!! Thanks for the fantastic list of resources!

    • Young N' Rich

      Thanks Jillian!

      I tried to keep a short list as I wanted to go for quality rather than quantity.

      Feel free to subscribe to the email list and I’ll be making updates to this list as my blogging journey continues 🙂


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