In this post, I’ll share essential strategies of Pro Bloggers who strategically use eye-catching titles to drive clicks & massive amount of traffic back to their blogs.

The headline will determine:

  • The number of social shares the post receives
  • Page rank
  • An increase in your email list

If done right, this strategy will explode your traffic and significantly increase your subscriber base. I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase First impression is the last impression – and that concept goes hand in hand here as well. People decide to read a post based on its title, not its content – so make sure your title is extremely catchy. I repeat, your headline is the most important part of your post. Many people spend countless amount of hours on perfecting their content, but only a few minutes coming up with their headlines. If you’re wondering why your traffic isn’t going up, you might want to reevaluate your headline strategy. If your headline game is weak, having the most viral or unique content won’t matter. No one will bother clicking on the post to read your content – unless you’ve got a trust-based audience like Pat Flynn.

Tips for Best Blog Titles


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Before I talk about the blog title strategies, I wanted to highlight the importance of this concept.

Now without any further ado, let’s get right into it!


 1) Use a Number at the Beginning of Your Blog Title

  • Headlines with a list move up in ranking on Google faster than any other title
  • People prefer to know the key points of an article before diving into the content. It naturally creates a sense of organization which your brain can systematically digest.
  • Readers prejudge an article on the quality and time needed to read the post. For example, would you rather click on an article with the headline 9 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic or How to Boost Your Blog Traffic? The answer is quite obvious – so I hope you catch my drift.
  • I recommend creating numbered titles for at least 40 – 50 percent of your posts.

For Example: 13 Best Pinterest Strategies to Boost Traffic 17 Genius Blog Titles That Will Boost Click Rates


2) Odd Numbered Titles Outperform Even Numbered Ones

Even though the psychology behind this is not proven, the odd numbered headlines get 85% more clicks than the even numbered titles. If your title reads 10 Best Pinterest Strategies, cut that off and change the number to either 9 or 11 and watch the exact same post get 20% more clicks! If you don’t believe me, try it.


3) Create a Title Around Trending Topics in Your Niche

If it’s trending, then the likelihood of that post going viral is very high. Along with a high number of searches, trending topics are a cheat sheet for what people are currently interested in. Twitter and Facebook have sections where they showcase trending topics by geographical location. Reddit is also a great place to find the hottest topic within the online world. There’s always something new trending so this strategy will never run out of ideas. I suggest doing one trending post once every 2 -3 weeks.

For example: Review of Pat Flynn’s latest book: Let Go Latest Genesis Update – What’s New?


4) Make Your Title Controversial

There are 2 reasons this is a genius strategy: 1) People who agree with your point of view will click to read a post which is directly aligned with their views. 2) People who disagree will want to read your opinion on that matter and voice their own opinion via comments. Once comments start pouring in from both the sides, this post will become very controversial and long debates will start to occur. Within no time, Google will recognize this activity and bump this up in page ranks! It’s great to be a sh*t disturber sometimes 😉

For example: BlueHost vs HostGator – Why HostGator is the Better Option Why Blogging About Income Reports Is Unethical 


5) Explain The Benefit

If you give your potential readers a reason to click the post, your click rates will rise rapidly. Therefore, make sure to write titles your readers care about. Tapping their pressure points is a great way to connect with your audience. In my opinion, product review posts are great for this. For example:  Lose Weight With This 30-Day Secret Diet 9 Proven Strategies That Will Make You Debt-Free in 6 Months


6) Don’t Sound Like a Used Car Salesperson

There is a fine line between catchy titles and pushy titles. Some bloggers still make this mistake and wonder why people tend to avoid their posts and their blog overall. Here is what you should NOT do: 15 Tricks You Must Know Right Now to Increase Traffic Today 7 Tools Which are Absolutely Must-Have’s for Bloggers


7) Use Power Words in Your Headline to Trigger Emotion

Karl Sepp from came up with 180 of the most powerful words for emotional headlines.


There numerous other strategies out there which I would love to share! However, I’ll save those for my newsletter subscribers 😉

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, I strongly urge you do that ASAP! If you’re still feeling stuck, tools like Blog Headline Generator can help you out. As always, if you’re confused and feel demotivated, please reach out to me – I’m always here to listen and offer advice 🙂

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