We’ve all heard the phrase, Time is Money!  Well, that statement only stands true depending on what you really do with your time.

You’re probably reading this right now and thinking – is this REALLY worth my time? So to not waste anymore it, let’s get right into it.


This beauty of a tool is amazing for increasing team productivity while boosting social interaction. I personally used it at my former workplace and it made life 10x easier! What’s great about this tool is that it gives you the option to create different channels which act as groups to specific projects. For teams which believe in transparency, Slack is the stuff to use. It enables you to interact with colleagues all around the world so forget about the skype calls – just call, take notes, share notes, and add more colleagues on the video call all at once!

Gone were the days of google drive because Slack let’s you drag and drop any kinds of files, images documents, and spreadsheets on its drive with anyone you want. It’s also fully integrable with google drive, dropbox, ect.

One of the best advantages I liked about using slack was that it allowed my colleagues who were usually too shy to speak out during meetings to voice their opinions freely. This allowed for effective and transparent conversations between teams which resulted in a significant increase of productivity.

Slack offers a free subscription so you can try it out for an unlimited amount of time. When you and your team are ready to make the switch, it’s $7/month. You can try it out right here.

Hubspot Sales – Track Emails for Free!

You’re honestly going to hate yourself for not knowing about this tool earlier. This is honestly one of the best tools I’ve ever used! Ever had a time where you sent an email and were anxiously waiting for a response but you were dying to know if they even OPENED your email in the first place? Trust me, I’ve been there and this is why Hubspot Sales chrome extension has saved me from several anxiety attacks.

I’m a sales guy myself, so you can imagine how important this tool is for me and why it’s so critical to know when my prospective clients are opening up my mail. It’s strategic as well because you’ll start to figure out your prospects email behavioral patterns. This will enable you to email them at times when they’re most likely to check their email – making your sales sky rocket! This tool increased my overall sales by 147% – no joke.

It also has a cool built-in calendar which lets you send invites for a call to your prospect without bombarding them with another separate email notification from google calendar.

You can sign up for it right here.


If your mind is constantly filled with thoughts and ideas than Evernote might just be the tool you were looking for. I personally think of million-dollar business ideas every day on my train ride to work but when I come home, I suddenly forget it all – no matter how hard I try to remember them. It honestly sucks and I hated myself for doing that.

After my colleague referred me to Evernote, it’s honestly been a game changer. Not only does it allow me to remember everything when inspiration strikes, it also enables me to visualize my thoughts in a click of a button. This app lets me take a picture which directly uploads on my notes and it lets me write on top of the picture for any visual memories I would like to save for later time.

What’s great is that once I write my thoughts on the app, it’s available on my desktop, or on my online evernote account – so your thoughts literally follow you wherever you go! Another cool feature is that it allows me to share my notes with anyone I want, which they can edit as well. You can picture it as a better mobile version of google drive.

I personally use the free version of this app but if you’re using it for business purposes, then I’d recommend going premium. You can check Evernote out here.


Now I know there are tons of other apps and tools which could be listed but I just wanted to tell you about the ones I personally used. If you use a tool that everyone might be able to benifit from, please share it below – we all would love to know.


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